Ever wished you could get a cool looking 3D graphic of your book like other authors have? I’ll create one for you for free, all you have to do in return is promise to help promote my latest book – The Bitch (now available at Amazon). ie: Tweet or post about my book on Facebook. Read More →

The Bitch by Tracy Tegan

The Bitch is now available at Amazon. Declan was Hannah’s first and only lover, and while she knew he truly cared for her, she couldn’t return his affections because she was secretly in love with her boss, Sawyer Trent. But that was a hopeless cause because Sawyer had a fiancé who was not only beautiful Read More →


Piracy may not seem like a subject that has much to do with book promotion, but you might be surprised. Usually, when people think of digital piracy, they think of illegal movie or music downloads. But it applies to photos as well and can be just as problematic for you if you are caught doing it. I didn’t realize how rampant piracy Read More →

Mr. Hollywood

Mr. Hollywood is now available at Amazon. Allison Crawford is a nose-to-the-grindstone college student committed to getting her degree and staying out of trouble. Grayson Chase is a Hollywood bad boy committed to his career. Their worlds collide when Allison’s roommate talks her into signing on as an extra in a movie being filmed on Read More →

Do You Facebook

I admit, I’ve been horrible about keeping up with my social media accounts. There are just so many. I have to remind myself to tweet hello, pin something and then try and come up with an engaging post to Facebook. Of course we can’t forget Google+ either, or can we? Is that even still a Read More →

When I first heard about the Kindle Scout program I spent hours reading every single article I could find about it. In the end I found almost every article was the same, providing almost identical information about what Kindle Scout is and what it offers. For those who haven’t read the 30,000 other articles like I Read More →